With no positivity, there is no hope; with no negativity, there is no improvement.

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Dr. Trinsel  was born on August 6, 1973 in Wichita, KS. As a young boy, Kelvin worked on his parents' sorghum farm. In his teen years he developed an allergy to the amber-colored sweetener that was extracted from sorghum syrup. Kelvin’s parents then sold the farm and moved west to Cupertino, California where Kelvin fell in with the Rowdies, a biker gang whose members were science geeks raised on PBS and wayward engineers hell-bent on creating a medley of elixirs that would cure humans of their boredom and petty grievances. With the zeal of religious reformers the Rowdies traveled up and down the California coast handing out their elixirs and talking about the proper use of science and technology to heal the world rather than destroy it. The Rowdies caught the attention of Ronald Reagan’s Justice Department and were, for years, subject to harassment. Kelvin was arrested in 1989 when the DEA raided the Rowdies’ laboratory warehouse. Little is known about where Kelvin was transported or what he did before resurfacing as a data analyst for IBM in 1996.

While working at IBM Kelvin never failed to impress his coworkers with his quick wit and knack for problem-solving. On May 4, 1997, Kelvin was found sitting at a desk in the breakroom and staring intently at a lightswitch. The rest, as they say, is history. Trinsel was turned on by turning on the light (then turning it off, and then on again). The binary structure of all material and spiritual reality was revealed to him. For more than a month afterwards, Trinsel meditated beside this light switch (which has since become a sacred object and pilgrimage site), turning it on, and then off, and then on again. Trinsel quit his job at IBM and recruited three of his fellow data analysts to join him in a new endeavor

Every year members of the Infinity 88 leadership team as well as followers from around the world gather on May 4 to give thanks. It is said that anyone who stands beside the light switch with a pure heart and right intention, may be able to glimpse—in the simple of turning it on, then off, and then on again—the truth that everything is connected to everything else, that up is down and black is white,  that information flows into and out of the brain in such a way that makes the eyes, ears, nose, mouth,  and  skin  fungible  to  one  another, that allows humans, for the first time, to become conversant, at the deepest of levels, with machines and storm clouds both.  This is the revelation of Kelvin Trinsell whose desire to restore nature’s balance through technology

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